The Carden Plain is considered one of the main tourist attractions within the Kawartha region and is considered by naturalists to be one of the most interesting birdwatching areas in Ontario. From mid-May to mid-July, the landscape offers breathtaking views of vast meadows full of wildflowers, numerous grassland birds and rare butterflies.

Birders and other naturalists from all over the world come to view and enjoy the curious and impressive array of wildlife that Carden has to offer, many of which come with hopes of catching a glimpse of the Plain's endangered species.

A tourng guide to the Carden Alvar, Carden Nature Guide, is available free from the Couchiching Conservancy, 705-326-1620 and ask for Tanya or from the City of Kawartha Lakes Economic Development Department 705-324-9411 ext 1232 or toll free 1-866-397-6673

In the winter, snow mobiling is increasing in popularity with the establishment of well-groomed trails. These trails double for cross country skiing. Get the snow mobile map as a guide.

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Along with the Carden Plain, one of the main tourist attractions within that IBA is the Kirkfield Liftlocks. Completed in 1907, the Kirkfield hydraulic liftlock was built to raise commercial steamer and barge traffic in one quick 48 foot elevation using a minimum of water (Carden Tourism Services, 2000). The hydraulic lift is the second largest in the world. Today, a tremendous rise in recreational boating traffic is providing the liftlock with busier seasons than ever.

All tourists are encouraged to spend some time in the area to visit surrounding communities and offer patronage to many of the local businesses and amenities.

Please be aware that:

• Most of the land in the Plain area is private property and birds can be observed well from the roadside.

• Nesting birds can be stressed and even abandon their nests if people approach too close. The Migratory Bird Act provides for heavy fines for the harassing of any migratory bird listed under the Act - including shrikes, thrashers, bobolinks and bluebirds.

• Ranches and others use the roads for work, so please keep them clear. Please park so that vehicles can move freely and consider carpooling to cut down on traffic congestion.

• Poison ivy grows freely along roadsides. Avoid plants with green shiny leaves in groups of three.


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